Science Education and Application Journal (SEAJ)  was first established on March, 2019, as well as first published by Program Studi Pendidikan IPA (Departement of Science Education), Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan (Faculty of Teacher Trainer and Education), Universitas Islam Lamongan (Lamongan Islamic University)

Chairman of the editor (Editor in Chief) when it is Mr. Kiki Septaria, M.Pd At that time, the Science Education and Application Journal (SEAJ)  has been published in print and online, already have Print-ISSN and Electronic - ISSN.  Science Education and Application Journal (SEAJ) in March (Volume 1, No.1) 2019 has passed registration to Crossref members, so this year every article has had DOI (Document of Index).

Starting in March 2019  Science Education and Application Journal (SEAJ) also been applying their selection of articles using a double-blind review to improve the quality of the article, which is done by the reviewers who already have experience writing both as a writer first, correspondents, as well as members of both publications such as journals and proceedings. Good reputable international publications indexed Scopus, accreditation, and national levels. In addition to the reviewer of a researcher also from an expert in the field, researchers from companies, and government agencies. More than 90% of reviewers are from outside our institution.

In addition to the Section Editor of the journal reviewer we also come from researchers outside our institution who have experience in scientific publications.

Start March 2019, the  Science Education and Application Journal (SEAJ) has been fully electronically both from the author who delivers online through OJS (Open Journal System), a review conducted in full through OJS, until the publication of the article. also indexed in addition to the IPI (Indonesian Publication Index), oneSearch, Google Scholar, and Base (belonging to one of the German University).

For Template problem in March 2019 (Volume 1 No. 1) has been enacted in every page there is information home page and the last page in the footer on the side of the page, to facilitate the citation for the readers, and also there is information the info articles, namely on how the article posted, revised , accepted, and published.

Science Education and Application Journal (SEAJ) Since September (Volume 1 No. 2) 2019, The type of editorial board and the contents of the article there are changes to the header and footer, because our university is based on pesantren, so it is not won to use fonts with the letter t model resembling a cross, for that font changes are made.

Starting in Volume 01 No. 01 of 2019, the number of articles published in Science Education and Application Journal (SEAJ), specifically six, has increased to ten in each issue beginning with Volume 05 No. 02 of 2023. This increase in the number of articles in each issue is based on shortening the time it takes for quality manuscripts to be published in Science Education and Application Journal (SEAJ) without reducing the quality of the reviews accomplished, so that readers, researchers, and the general public can receive the most recent and highest quality research information in greater quantities in each Science Education and Application Journal (SEAJ) publication.